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MissionOne was established with the vision of helping all students achieve their maximum potential. A leader in the field of educational staffing and management, MissionOne enhances the quality of student support by providing highly skilled paraprofessional, clerical, and other non-certified personnel to school districts.  Because we work with many students who have special needs, we take special care to hire individuals with experience in the special education field.

Our employees are highly qualified, responsible and well-prepared paraprofessional and support personnel who demonstrate a cheerful, confident attitude. All MissionOne employees are 100% compliant with state regulations and partake in ongoing specialized training. Our employees are ready to support our partner school districts and their students every day throughout the school year and through extended school year programs.

We customize a program to fit each school district’s unique needs. By handling the responsibilities of recruiting, credentialing, training, managing, and evaluating school districts’ support personnel, MissionOne improves internal efficiencies, reduces program costs, and provides jobs for community-based paraprofessionals and support personnel.

Our Mission

We recruit, train and manage qualified paraprofessional and support personnel to help school districts refocus their resources, time and capital so they can concentrate on their core objective: providing quality education for students."

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The challenge of identifying innovative ways to reduce costs is growing. Repeated reductions in state funding are forcing tough decisions on the majority of school districts. Understanding the complexities of the situation, MissionOne presents a unique and proven solution that reduces administrative workload and delivers sustainable payroll and insurance-related cost savings, allowing for greater flexibility in district spending.
MissionOne demonstrates a commitment to quality and comprehensive customer service. Our experienced management team pays attention to every detail to ensure your program runs seamlessly. We are readily available to offer prompt solutions and day-to-day leadership, focusing on our joint goal of providing the highest quality of education and support for your students.