Continuing education while your teacher is absent.

MissionOne Permanent Positions

If you are looking for a stable, permanent support position within a school district, MissionOne is the way to go! MissionOne provides school districts with many different types of paraprofessionals to support students and teachers throughout the entire school day. Paraprofessionals are invaluable resources to the educational team and play a key role in special education. MissionOne also fills clerical positions within school districts. Secretaries play an integral part in maintaining the flow of school routines and procedures. Schools cannot operate effectively without these essential support roles.

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Paraprofessionals support and assist students through more individualized attention that ensures they learn class material and meet challenging academic standards. By providing instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers, our dedicated paraprofessionals ensure that all students, especially those with special needs and disabilities, are being attended to physically and personally as they receive the best education experience possible. 

MissionOne paraprofessionals enter the program out of a desire to help and provide quality education to children with special needs. Recognizing that these children face mental and physical disabilities that can impair their ability to learn like other children, MissionOne ensures that our paraprofessionals are fully prepared. As a result, when a MissionOne paraprofessional walks into a classroom, he or she does so with confidence, compassion, and the knowledge necessary to help children with special needs realize their full potential.

Instructional Assistants

The positions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Classroom Assistants

Non-Instructional Assistants:

The positions may include, but are not limited to:

  • One-to-One Aides
  • Hall Monitors
  • Media Center Assistants
  • Aides - Transportation, Recess, Lunchroom, Bus,
    and Before and After School

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MissionOne secretaries are administrative professionals who support and assist the school's office by handling administrative details, scheduling appointments and handling school communication. Secretaries play an essential role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the school. They assist the school principal, faculty, staff, parents and students with the goal of helping achieve student success.

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MissionOne employees have the ability to make a difference in the lives of students with special needs. We staff a wide variety of full and part-time permanent positions, allowing you to maintain a steady job in a school environment. You will form strong relationships with students, parents, faculty, and staff and become an invaluable member of the educational team.
Our employees are always treated with fairness and respect, as they are our most valuable assets. MissionOne representatives are readily available to answer questions and provide individualized direction and guidance. You will receive ongoing specialized training to bring you up-to-date in the latest industry practices and help you feel confident and well prepared to excel in your career!


Certified Teacher's Aid

Amanda Beckwith, 31, of Mount Holly, has worked as a third-grade teaching assistant for almost two years. “Every time I have ever had a question or needed something, MissionOne is there with an answer almost immediately. I really feel like they have my back and they advocate for their employees, always looking out for their best interests. For example, when Hurricane Sandy struck, MissionOne altered the payroll schedule to make sure we got our paychecks sooner to help us recover from the storm’s damage.”

As a busy mother of three children – ages 11, 8 and 2 – Amanda rarely gets to relax, but when she does, she often uses that time to do things that will benefit her students. “I love crafts. I’m constantly making things to bring in to my students like bookmarks and other small items. It’s a win-win because crafting relaxes me, and the students get little presents out of it. My school’s curriculum is pretty regimented, but when we do have some spare time, my teacher allows me to show the kids how to make different kinds of crafts. The students are so excited about making things, and their parents have complimented me on what their child brought home.”

Amanda also helps students round-out their academics during afterschool programs. “Last year, I taught students how to play chess. This year, I’m part of the afterschool cooking club for first and second-graders. We’re limited as to what we can make because the students are so young, but we’ve been successful in creating dishes that the kids can make on their own. For example, we’ve tried candy sushi, Funfetti cake dip and salads – nothing requiring heat. The kids love it, and so do the parents.”

With an associate degree in education from Burlington County College, Amanda is happy to be working in a classroom and interacting with students. “I love going into work every day, and I don’t know many people who can say that.”

Bus Aide

Brittany Alexander, 24, of Williamstown, is a bus aide for elementary school students. “I’ve always wanted to work with children, so being around kids as a bus aide is great experience, especially as I prepare for a career in pediatric nursing. I help students on the bus, teach them to fasten their seatbelts and maintain order. We have several special-needs students on the bus, so I also help them. It’s rewarding to see their progress.”

With a degree in psychology from Rowan University, Brittany also holds a substitute teacher certification and is going back to school for nursing. She has found that MissionOne works with her busy and fluctuating schedule. “I started working with MissionOne as a substitute bus aide while I was at Rowan. With my class schedule changing each semester, it was comforting to know that MissionOne would work with me to accommodate my availability. I know that I’ll be able to continue working with them, even as I begin nursing school. I’ve found that a lot of employers say they’re flexible but don’t follow through. MissionOne is the exception – they have worked with me every step of the way.”

One-on-One Aide

Tracey Miller, 46, of Piscataway, worked as a pharmaceutical marketing professional for more than a decade before switching to education. “I began my career in pharmaceutical marketing because I had children at home and needed the flexibility. Finally, I decided to pursue my real passion, and I began substitute-teaching. I was hired full-time three years ago as a paraprofessional, providing one-on-one assistance to a student with special needs. As someone with a passion for education, this job is very fulfilling.”

As someone who valued flexibility in her previous job, Tracey appreciates the assistance provided by MissionOne. “When I’m sick, I don’t have to worry about being covered or going through an ordeal to take personal time. Everyone I’ve dealt with at MissionOne has been very helpful and prompt in answering any questions I have and assisting me with any issues that come up.”


Natasha Blake, 31, a Patterson resident, works with MissionOne as a secretary at an alternative school. “I began working with MissionOne when I was looking to change the industry in which I was working. I have a background in legal debt collection and was looking to work in a school environment. As a school secretary through MissionOne, I perform administrative tasks, and I also have the ability to establish relationships with the students here – something that is important to me, as I’m pursuing a counseling degree and hope to work with students in that role. At my school, many of the students may have problems at home, trouble with the law or in a traditional school environment. Working with these students has given me hands-on experience that I’ll need in the future as a counselor.”

As a busy mother of four children ages 5 to 12, Natasha appreciates the flexibility that MissionOne offers. “MissionOne is so great. Not only are they flexible, but they are also communicative. There is always someone available to speak with, and it feels very close-knit.  It’s very clear that they care about their employees.”

Teacher's Aide

Michelle Ems, 31, of Medford, is a third-grade teacher’s aide at Milton H. Allen School in the Medford School District. “I’ve been teaching for about 12 years, from pre-school to elementary school classes. Working with MissionOne has been one of the best experiences because I can work in a classroom with a teacher, help with lesson plans and teach students. I have a 10-year-old son, so between caring for him and working toward completing my bachelor’s degree in elementary education, MissionOne helps me maintain balance and a consistent schedule.”

Michelle also takes her lessons out of the classroom and onto the field. As a softball coach for Medford Youth Athletic Association, she is able to select the players on her team and often chooses girls whom she has taught.

And Michelle has found a way to connect with her students even beyond the playing field. “I go to concerts all the time. In fact, I’ve been to probably 150-175 concerts. When I tell the kids that, they go crazy. They especially love that I listen to Justin Bieber and One Direction relating to them on that kind of level keeps them interested. Sometimes you have to act like a third-grader to hang with the third-graders.”

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